The Big “C” ….

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHPIM0354When I was growing up, you would rarely hear of someone having “CANCER”.  In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and my aunt Barbie was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  My mother had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation treatment. My aunt underwent several different chemo/radiation treatments.  My mother is now going on her 5th year of remission and my loving Aunt Barbie passed away.  

Right now my mother-in-law is battling throat cancer.  They say the treatment she is undergoing is 90-95% successful.  Well do to unforeseen circumstances and hardheadedness, she ended up in the hospital, in ICU and is currently at a rehabilitation center.  I ask for continued prayers for her.  She is such a loved woman and compassionate person.  All of her children and grandchildren are loved to no ends.  She makes sure when you enter her home you are greeted with a warm hug and when you leave another warm hug and “I LOVE YOU”.  She truly is a great woman.

This monster of a disease is nasty, mean and ugly to the person whom it is trying to consume. It attacks the spirit and soul. It is sad and heartbreaking to family and loved ones.  It tests every fiber of each being it attacks and tries to tear families apart.   It also test the will of the loved ones to remain positive it will be beaten and it also brings families back together again.

Now why I am posting about this…trying to keep the kids positive.  My children were all close to their great-aunt Barbie.  They have only had to really deal with losing a loved one twice.  With my daughter in New York helping another uncle and aunt move while her grandmother is in rehab has been difficult as well.  Now I try to keep my children away from all of the bad things I can such as inappropriate television shows and video games.  I also try to show them the reality of life.  But when your children only know that they are loved and grandma is sick, to tell them anything else as far as possibility of no recovery would be moot.  The tears shed from heartbreak are indescribable and seem inconsolable.

The task at hand is to keep them positive, motivated and informed as well with updates.  Answer their questions openly and honestly.  And also motivate them to let grandma know she is loved and can beat this.  Give her the “warm hug” and “i love you” every chance.

The Big “C” in my house stands for Caring, Compassion, Character, Champion!


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