Every little blessing counts…..

We are blessed eveSAM_0321 SAM_0323n in the smallest things.  Our blessings are not much but they are ours and mean alot to us. I found a blessing in the parking lot shopping cart..someone just left an empty diet coke 12-pack box and left the coke reward points…wooo hooo 10pt score for me!  Then I found wonderful deals on clearance and the bo and dad found our specific fishing rig we have been looking for.  So our day has been going great with these little blessings.

We are going to the Special Olympics County Summer Games at a new school this year.  It seem to go sooo much smoother and easier this year.  The registration was quick, the line up for opening ceremony was awesome!  Each little blessing counts.

Jonathan asked his head coach if he could wear his JROTC uniform to todays ceremonies.  My husband and I thoug he meant his PT uniform,  Yeah…not so much.  At 7 a.m. he is walking into our bedroom in full dress Class A uniform.  Our thought at the time was “NO” wear your PT set.   Now understand here in Florida today it was suppose to get to 85 degrees.  So we compromised and made a deal for him to bring his full uniform on hangers and we will ask Coach.  Well of course, he in his own little world “NEEDS” wear this uniform today.  After asking the proper the coach and getting clearance to from the coordinator…the color guard accepted Jonathan in with open arms.  He was able to march with them.  He showed his true pride for the flag and his country.  Each little blessing counts.

Each one of our boys, Jonathan, Nickolas and Zachary took 1st place in each one of their own events!!  It a clean sweep!!  Even Jonathan is wanting to go on our boat tomorrow fishing.  I will take this as a definite blessing. With all these small blessings we should have a great day tomorrow fishing.  SAM_0287 SAM_0297


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