The long road…

Each day has its own beginning and ending.  Not every day ends on a good note.  But I as sit here and look at the pictures of the children growing up sooo fast….it is definitely been a long and every changing road of obstacles, challenges and roadblocks.

When Jonathan was about 9, he was in this phase where he would always be into something of his dad’s things and would do something to damage or destroy his father’s belongings…the most memorable  was the canopy for the carolina skiff we had. Jonathan was always taking things apart to see how te hey worked and put them back together in the way he thought it should work.  Well he discovered his father’s roofing caulk gun.  So he took it outside and was going to town squeezing the handle and letting the roofing caulk go where it may.  All over that brand new expensive canopy.  Yes he got in troubled and was punished for it.  But it would still be another 2 years before they would have some sort of clue of what was going on with him.

Since then he has come a long way.  His obsession is NASCAR and flagging.  His dream is to become a flagman for NASCAR.  He has taken it upon himself within the last 9 months of getting a job at the local Kart club track flagging for them.  It is a whole new world.  He is in his zone and is soooo proud of his work.  He has an awesome work ethic.  Always ready to go and makes sure we do not forget what time he has to be there.  He has even been given the chance to work at the kart race at the Daytona International Speedway this past month.  He did not get to flag but he was the safetyman.

He also has his facebook and girl “friends” .  Well tonight is no different than any other.  The girl he has been “dating” on facebook broke his heart.  She tells hiim she cheated on him and don’t like him.  It’s very sad, and hard to control what I want to say to her. I know from experience that a person who does not have the ability to know and understand the difference with what is socially acceptable, its like hitting your head against the proverbial brick wall.  no matter what you say and how many times their answer is never going to change because the perceive things in a different way than what society says.   I try to comfort him with words as much as he will let me but I know the road is long…….Desert


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