The excitement is building…..

We have family coming to visit from New York!!!!  Woooohooooo!!!!  My daughter went to Niagara Falls to help her great uncle and aunt move into their new home.  Well she has been gone almostW 6 weeks, and they are starting the journey back to Florida tomorrow morning.

Blossom, our puppy has been so depressed since she’s been gone.  She has become picky on the food to eat.  She lays in on Sara’s bed and pillow patiently waiting for her to return.  The 3 younger brothers have been playing Mine Craft in her room getting prepared for her return.  Jonathan is waiting for his aunt and uncle to take them to he kart track where he has been flagging the races.

I have been finding myself saying “geesh, i miss her “, miss going to the farmers market on Wednesdays, or just hanging out at the house.  This is just the beginning of her spreading her wings to fly.  She will be finding a job when she gets back, getting her drivers license.  It’s crazy.

Our guests will be staying for about 2 weeks.  Giving the state of New York enough time to come to terms with spring.  We will be returning to Kentucky and New York in July for the 75th family reunion.  Catchiing lightning bugs, listening to the coyotes howl, enjoying the life I grew up knowing and getting away from the suburbs for country life.  The simple things!


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