When life sucks….pretend.

Driving back from Zachary’s endocrinologist appointment this morning, I passed a winnebago.  What’s a winnebago you ask?  It is a small motor home, could probably sleep 4-6 people in it.  What made this so special?  Everything.  As I was passing it there was all these life sayings just painted on the sides.  Not spray painted but painted by hand.  No particular way, shape, color.  The one saying that stuck in my mind the most was “When life sucks..pretend” and then I seen “We ❤ waves”.  Then just as I was almost passed it I noticed the older woman driving.  She reminded me of the “Ma” off of the movie “Everywhich way but loose”.  Had her sun visor hat on, window rolled down and just cruisin.  Had no cares in the world and was enjoying life.  It put a big smile on my face.

The next time something gets me down I am going to just remember that little winnebago, the little old lady driving it and that sign ..when life sucks..pretend. I am going to love my waves too.  Going to ride these up and down and let it see where it takes me and my family.



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