Looks can be deceiving

Our visiting family from New York…such a blessing.  A blessing for my Aunt to get away from the depressing snow and arguing.  Blessing for us to see our family and enjoy being with them.  But with these blessings there comes other mixed feelings as well.

My younger cousin was diagnosed at an early age with slight mental retardation.  He  has the body of a 40 year old but the mind of a 16 year old.  He’s all heart, he means well.  We all have had to take a step back and just remember our house rules.  Use kind words, be respectful of others feelings.  Sometimes I had to catch myself from losing my cool with him.  I think to myself..he just needs a little more consideration.  We need to be more acclimated with him as it has been 18 years since we last seen him.  Yes you can see the marks the real world has left on him by the way he acts, thinks and speaks.  But I just sit down with him and talk to him like I do my children.  Say something to get his attention and then make him look at me.  I reiterate what I said and then break down to where he can understand.

From a unknown persons view he looks like a man, walks like a man but when you talk to him they can see he is different.  Then to see how they treat him is just beyond me.  Some look at him as different so they treat him like he is unintelligent.  He is soooo intelligent. He just takes a little longer to actually comprehend.  Yes you will have to repeat yourself but just remember to keep your cool.  All losing your temper does is make your blood pressure go up and make him laugh.  He just looks at the world, smiles and laughs.

Handle with care because looks can always be deceiving.


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