Laughter is the best medicine

Last night we had an awesome evening….we started to play Uno…found out we were missing 1/2 the cards.  So we decided to play a dice game.  (Excuse the language but this is its name) “Oh Shit”.   It was taught to me by a very good friend almost 15 years ago.  And to see my extended family learning and enjoying playing the game is priceless….

Even the youngest ones were in on this….trying to keep everyone from using the bad word even changing the name to something more kid friendly.  It was going all good until that one bad roll and then out of the blue it comes from the youngest one there….even he did not realize that he had said it until it was out there….then it was all over but the shouting.  The tears streaming down the cheeks from laughing sooo hard.  The youngest one put his hands over his mouth just as he realized what he said.  He reminded me of the “speak no evil” monkey.   If went from the youngest blurting out the word to the middle child doing his best impersonations and Aunt Clara not being able to breathe because she is laughing so shard and her ribs are hurting.  (Those are the best kinds of laughs.)

Laughter is the best medicine and these are the moments….  that make my ❤ smile!!  beautiful


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