About me…..

As I sit here in the quietness of the house waiting for the first child to wake up…..I have a bunch of mixed emotions running through my mind.  I want to tell you a little bit more about me.

I am a person that truly believes in giving everyone a second chance. (Until I am proven wrong.)  I am will keep this as positive.  I know there are always 3 sides to a story.  All I want is to keep it real and be honest.  Sometimes that can be hard when you are stuck in the middle.  I love everyone of my family and extended family members.  Yes there are days when each and everyone of my last nerves are tested.  Of course I may yell but most of the time I keep my feelings to myself.  But when enough is enough….watch out.

It is very hard to put into words what I am going through without going into great detail.  The last thing I want to do is to air family matters on the internet.  I just want to let some of my frustrations go.  I think back and to my Aunt Barbie.  I miss her sooooo much.  I loved her take on life and how she was compassionate, listening to everyone and their stories of what was going on and then she would tell you like it is.  I think I get that from her.  I will tell you what I think and make sure you know.  You have to make sure you look at all angles of the situation.  Each decision there is a consequence.  Could be good could be bad….look at all the perspectives.  But you have to learn to roll with those consequences too.

I have been married almost 21 years to my bestest friends.  ( yes I know bestest is not a real word)  Our relationaship is plain jane.  When we have an argument we do not do it in front of the kids.  We take it away from them.  We are both respectful to each other and our children.  We also keep it real with each other and the children.  We don’t cheat on each other.  What do I mean by cheat?  We keep our problems between us and we don’t have to look to others of the opposite sex for companionship.  We keep each other happy. We don’t have to hide our problems from one another.  We are going through this together.  Good or bad we are in it.  What do I mean by plain Jane?  We are nothing spectacular,  don’t live a high maintenance life.  We enjoy the simple pleasures …like family, fishing, camping, bond fires.  My family is most happy on the boat fishing.  10985056_10205433027378167_7028786417444956588_o 11071660_10205433030658249_2287730272702173969_o


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