Family time

This week has been a roller coaster ride and a half.  With all the kids on spring break, daylight savings time, and visiting relatives.    From the crack of dawn until late at night, non-stop family time. The television, x-box and computers off more and being replaced by laughing, giggling and joking.    The smiles on the the faces say it all.

This week we have basically stayed at home while the kids are on spring break.  They played with their friends from down the street but most of the time was spent with visiting relatives from New York.  Any given time its either Uno, Yahtzee or Oh $%^#.  You heard laughs from the early dawn hours to way late into the night.  Several times I do believe they had to be reminded about daddy having to work in the morning.

I could not ask for more with all the kids getting along together and the lack of arguments.  I see how much they have grown and becoming their own unique persons.  Especially being able to keep Jonathan engaged in something other than his room was a great accomplishment.  He was always the first one at the table waiting for everyone else to come and play.  I think we have found a new way get him from spending so much time to himself away from the family.

Tomorrow we are having more family come over, making chili for dinner, having a fire outside to roast marshmallows and observe the stars with my brothers electronic telescope.  I for one can not wait…its getting really good.  Can’t wait to post pictures.  Tonight it is movie night with a double feature of “Lego Movie ” and Disney Planes Fire Rescue.  Bring on the laughs now.

❤  ❤  ❤


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