All good things must end

As we all know that all good things must end.  So here it has come to a very tearful goodbye to our family.  They have left to return home to New York and the pending snow precipitation .  We all woke about 5:30, the two youngest boys had their final breakfast with Aunt Clara and Uncle Dee and cousin Shawn, Sara had her final cup of coffee with them.  They stayed long enough to see Zachary get on his bus for school..

11082364_10205535882109471_7473990417247901308_o  Zachary and Aunt Clara first selfie while watching Lego movie.

Uncle Dee became exceptionally emotional.  Even as tough as he is still he has feelings and rarely lets the emotions show. The boys see him funny..especially driving and the traffic lights change quickly. LOL.   Shawn is just ready to start back.  Aunt Clara gets into her seat and the sliding door closes on the 2012 Town and Country and they are off.

Sara did not show any emotion until they were gone around the corner.  She just spent 6 weeks visiting them in New York.  We will see them again in 3 months when we head to there for our 75th family reunion.

Even though their visit was short, we had an awesome time.  Their first day they were off to the kart track to see Jonathan in all his glory doing what he loves…flagging the kart races.  Then we had a cookout and smoked sooo much meat we thought we were at Sonny’s bbq.  Every night we were either playing “oh $*&^ dice game, Yahtzee, bingo or uno.  Laughter was abundant.  Every time there were one or two of us having to run to the bathroom from laughing so hard.  Christopher and his absolutely hilarious impersonations sending us into tears from laughing.  Then to watch Nickolas and Zachary try their best to imitate Chris…just precious.  I finally was able to see the actually acknowledge from the kids that there is more to family time then the best electronic devices ….the phones were put away and the video games were saved for early morning before aunt Clara and Dee came downstairs.  But once they were down here all electronics were off.  Even Jonathan stayed out of his room and participated.  Woohooo!!!  Anyone who knows about my son knows this is a big deal.

I have never played a single hand of Uno for 3 hours before in my life until 4 nights ago….wow is all I can say.  Then two nights ago my brother and his girlfriend brought their telescope over and we all had an awesome time.  11049489_10205535880709436_563749775669219974_n This is the view we seen… was amazing.   20783_10205535879509406_8934417928430929095_n (1) And we had a fire going and roasted marshmallows.  Trying to roast them the right way had us all over  Then there was the trip cruising down the St John’s River and all the animals and sunshine a plenty.  The long, relaxing cruise just led the way for a long evening.  During their visit we also had some bad news.  My other cousin that lives in Puerto Rico lost the love of his life.  She passed away on the way to the hospital from congestive heart failure.  We were all sadden from this news.  We turned Joel Osteen on Sunday and it the sermon was right on target.  “God will use persecution, rejection, and loss to force us to change. He’s not trying to make your life miserable; He’s pushing you into your purpose.”

With that we made the most of the remaining 2 days here.  Yesterday we just vegged at the house.  We celebrated my son, Christopher’s birthday dinner early.  Since they were leaving today we wanted to share his 17th birthday with them.  So for his birthday dinner he wanted homemade pizza.  He made the pizzas himself and his cupcakes.  Then we finished the evening with Uno.

All I can say to sum this up is we all will be ready for the next go round in July when we come up for the family reunion.  Even bringing a few more people from Kentucky with us.SAM_0392


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