I thought that this would actually be rather easy for me to speak on but I am having such a hard time to decide where I should start.  So back to the basics…here is the definition of Autism:

Autism (as defined by Merriam Webster): a condition or disorder that begins in childhood and that causes problems in forming relationships and in communicating with other people.

There are 6 main types of Autism.  It is now all under one dianosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

* Autism

*Regressive Autistic Spectrum Disorder

*Pervasive Developmental Disorder — Not Otherwise Specified

*Asperger’s Syndrome

*Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD)

*Rett Syndrome

I will discuss each one of these in the coming days.

I have always heard the knowledge is power.  This has been one heck of a learning experience for my family and I.  In our darkest hours I couldn’t find anyone to help or understood what we were going through.  I still have problems this day with the same but at least now I have the laptop to research and look into things that I hear about.  I am wanting to start a support group for families in my area that are going through this journey alone.  The support groups that are out there, too far for me to travel.  So by sharing this information and stories, I feel that someone will say “hey I’m not alone”, ” there are others going through the same and we don’t have to go alone in this journey.”

Tomorrow I will start explaining the six types of Autism.images (3)


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