Hi….this is Zachary

zach celebrating snow This is our youngest son, Zachary.  We went to Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving with family when it started to snow.  This was the first time ever for any of our children to see or even play in snow.ew

Zachary was in the final 9 weeks of kindergarten when we first learned of him having issues with behavior and class work.  He was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, sleep disorder, mood disorder, severe ADHD,   We thought Zachary was ADHD when at 5 a.m. he would be running up and down the hallway for no reason.  Zachary is just like any other boy but he has no fear.  I mean for him to pick up black widow spiders and not worry about being bit by them…yeah….scared me out of my wits.

Zachary’s obsession is fishing.  As long as he is baiting a hook and reeling something in he is happy.  Everyday he asks his father can we go fishing. I would say they go 3-4 days a week to a local park and fish.  The fish are not that big to keep but just letting them go means so much.

My men fishing!                HPIM4068


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