My son in all his glory…

Jonathan in the past 4 years has discovered a passion for Nascar racing and flagging.  He has his own set of racing flags. 10646775_390998161084242_1602334509284979627_n This is his current set.  He has 3 complete beginner sets.  His most current flags that we bought are his Autism Awareness flags.  11041707_406365126214212_7391213940106529993_n 11081183_406364982880893_3523442299460882947_n

Last night was the 2nd race of this point race season.  It started off rough,  as we had bought new furniture and had to pick it up and bring home.  We were running late.  Because of his Asperger’s he feels that he can never be late that he needs to be there earlier than what he is told to be here.  Which I agree being early is better than being late, but you have to have some exceptions and yesterday was one of them but it threw him into a meltdown.

The good part of this was the races were running late and so he was feeling better.  (But next time we will have him there promptly before 6:30 p.m.)  Apparently there were a lot more 1/4 midget racers and more regular kart racers too.  Jonathan, Nickolas and dad did not get home until almost 2 a.m.

1505462_358298527687539_4967211160089423989_n 1513169_358538157663576_2594863764872981492_n This is him in all his glory and his smile says it all.    I just love him to the moon and back.  He is my hero.  Every passing day he is growing into his own and he is becoming more informed about Autism and Autism Awareness.   He wants to participate with unified teams on special olympics and volunteer more.  He is trying his best to be like his brother Christopher and others that are wanting to go to college. His dream is to be an official flagman for Nascar.  10417584_284644298386296_7425521287669824010_n This is him at New Smyrna Speedway.  No he is not their flagman but he does take his own flags and sets them up in the bottom right side of the stands and flags right along with the regular flagman.  The drivers there acknowledge him everytiime  and even their flagman said he wishes he had the energy Jonathan has.  It’s not really energy it’s his passion for flagging coming out of him.


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