Happy Easter….

Today we celebrated Easter by going to see the grandparents.  This was the first time my younger children have seen their grandma since she was in the hospital.  It was an “okay” kind of day.

I say this because Jonathan is having a hard time seeing his grandma in this condition.  It reminds him of his Aunt Barbie whom passed from stage 4 lung cancer almost 3 years ago.

Barbie and IThis is Barbie and I before she passed. I guess seeing grandma at her weakest is hard for him to comprehend.  So we are all as a family trying to help him cope as best as possible by sharing events that just happened that Grandma could not be there to see.  I know keeping his mind busy like that will keep his mind from dwelling on Grandma’s sickness. Zachary kept himself busy playing cards with his brothers Nickolas and Christopher.  We stayed about an hour and a half.  Knowing that at 2 pm grandma was needing to have her nourishment and lay down.  It was a brief but sweet visit.  The memory of everyone checking their blood pressure was hillarious….just to see who needs to go to the doctor.  We made a game of it with the kids because at some point the “pure evilness of cancer” would rear its ugly head in the form of arguments over the littlest thing such as the air conditioning.  When grandma’s voice starts to fade and statements of being hungry are made it was our time to leave.  Each child gave grandma a gentle but loving hug goodbye and an “i love you” before walking out the door.

Each day we are given is a blessing.  Each visit we make a memory to be relived every day in our hearts.


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