Junk behavior

Officially we have begun counting down the days of school left.  Today was the last early release day until the end of May.  ( Woohooo I am really glad I get the extra hour back.)  The kids are starting to get restless.  I mean getting them up in the morning is getting harder.  Getting them to come in for thet  evening is getting just as bad.

I am having a really hard time with ignoring “junk behavior”.  From the rolling of the eyes to the sassy mouths; and the fights between each of them.  Coming up with creative punishments is one of my weaknesses.  The last time it was this bad Nick and Zachary ended up wearing my pink princess night shirt  …yes they both were wearing it at the same time.  ( I will post the picture as soon as I find it)  Because they were fighting with each other physically and I don’t allow it.  So they had some quality time sitting together.

Now with Jonathan his favorite things are to flip his brothers the nasty middle finger and shake his fists at them.  We have to constantly remind him that not only is he bigger than them but they don’t mean what ever it is they are doing to agitate him.  Which they are pretty good at doing it.

Jonathan get rewards like purchase google play cards for games on his tablet and extra special treats.  Christopher gets rewards like taking his girlfriend to a movie or a xbox game he wants.  Zachary and Nickolas get rewards such as going fishing in the jon boat or at the local park.  It means more to them as they really love fishing. I love it because it means their dad gets quality time with them.

So this summer we have decided that between the fishing and passes to SeaWorld and Aquatica to try and curve their attitudes and “junk behavior”.  We are also preparing for a family vacation in July to our family reunion in New York.  Even Jonathan keeps reminding us.  The best part is we are stopping in Kentucky and spending a week with their aunt and uncle in Richmond.  We all just love spending time with them away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities.



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