Busy weekend for the boys and the family…

This is going to be a busy weekend for the Morrison’s.  We started off with yesterday triple duty for dad after his long day at work.

He kept his promise of going fishing in the jonboat.  So when he came home they immediately went to getting their fishing gear in the durango,secured the jonboat to the top of the truck, loaded up and headed out.  First stop was to Home Depot.  To pick up the new kitchen faucet that broke on Thursday and to get the items Jonathan needs to make his next flag stand holder.  I can’t wait to see it when he finishes it. Then onward to the St. John’s River for a few hours of fishing.

They did not get home from fishing until after 8 pm and the following picture is what they caught at our very nice fishing spot.


Today, Jonathan,Nickolas and Zachary are heading to Jacksonville for the Special Olympics Area Games.  Jonathan will be running the 200m dash and running long jump.  Nickolas and Zachary will be both doing the shot put and running long jump as well.  10665094_851022691613239_2589464483602196877_n 11130122_851022734946568_5863719246398026597_n 11035971_851022741613234_7813003805399998982_n

When they get home this afternoon we will be getting ready for our first trip to Sea World in almost 8 years.  That’s where we will be heading tomorrow.  I personally can not wait because I know how much love my children have for sea animals.  Especially with Zachary’s “obsession” with fish.  This will definitely be a day to remember.  Look out Shamu here we come…..


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