It finally has happened again….

My cell phone rings and I recognize the name. All I can think is that Zachary must be sick.  Nope …that was the wrong guess.  It was the assistant principal asking me to come to the school.  Yeah I knew something else was wrong.  When I get to the office, Zachary is in shutdown mode.  He is chewing on his fingers, looking down at the ground.  Right before I walked in the principal had entered and was talking to him about making the right choices.  Also was the school counselor sitting in the office as well.

Well it has been over a month since the behavior therapist has left.  As the  insurance will not pay for anymore visits.  Zachary knows what he had said was wrongI love the fact he does recognize his behavior was wrong and is expecting a consequence. Before the behavior therapist he didn’t get it, no matter what we did he could care less but now he does.   He is only concerned with that daddy will not take a bad boy fishing.  He was not bothered by what he said or whom he said it to but what he can’t do.  Which is his passion…he loves fishing.  If he could he would go everyday.  Words can not express how much he loves fishing. While we were at Sea World he was so amazed at all the fish in the shark encounter, the rays he got to pet and the sharks he fed.

I am not saying what he did was right..I know what he said was so wrong.  I am just still trying to find away to make him understand.  I struggle with this everyday between Zachary and Jonathan both. I see Jonathan growing, maturing and becoming an adult, then I see Zachary doing things Jonathan has done in the past.  The only difference is Jonathan’s passion when he was Zachary’s age was safety signs, safety whistle, handicap sign, homemade cash register, and open signs.  Back to the drawing board on ideas for Zachary.

So today we start again and I told Zachary that he has made a mistake, its in the past and now he has to live with the consequences because he chose the wrong way to express himself and his anger.  We learn from our mistakes.  I did reassure him that yes daddy does not reward for bad behavior and we start all over again tomorrow.  He knows I have extra chores ready for him to do since he can’t go to school.

11082364_10205535882109471_7473990417247901308_o We will get through this together my young man. Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back.  ❤  ❤  ❤


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