Sea World 2015

After nearly 8 years, we made a return visit to Sea World..woohooo!!  We had a very long, fun yet exhausting day.  The last time we went the price of the fun card was around $65,  The Clyde & Semour show was still there, you were able to feed the dolphins for free, the childrens area had sand around the rope climb and slides, the pirate ship you could get wet on and Zachary was too small to ride any of the rides.

We began our visit with a family portrait at the entrance.  Which I loved everyone of them.  The first item on the agenda…ride the Manta.  Oh yeah….all 5 of them were ready to rock and roll.  Jonathan and I waited on the bench for them to come back.  Neither one of us ride roller coasters.   Well about 3 minutes later we were joined by Zachary…he became scared when it got time to go on.  And of course he would never admit he was scared…just that the rest were making him.  But I assured him it was ok that he did not have to ride.

We proceeded to walk thru the aquarium and the facial expressions on all of the children was great.  Seeing things you never would out in the wild.  Like a live shark egg with a living embryo, sea dragons, a pregnant male seahorse and so many more.  The moment when Nick and Zach were able to put their heads inside the aquarium was awesome.

Besides the Kraken roller coaster, Journey to Atlantis was Nick’s favorite.  Jonathan was thrilled he was able to see the open rehearsal for Clyde & Semour Sea Lion High.  Zachary and Nick fed the sharks, they all got to pet the rays.  Everything was good until Christopher hurt his neck on Kraken.  After some ice pack and rest, he attempted to ride more rides…yeah gave himself motion sickness.  It was time to go after nearly 8 hours..

We made sure they know we would be coming back and have plenty of time to see the dolphin show, walk the penguin encounter, see the Blue Horizons show and Aquatica too!!!!



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