Well the next one is….

After a very short-lived and active weekend, to start this morning off was going great.  Then the ugly head of reality set in.

My 6th grader went outside to wait for the bus.  (All of the school bus stops are at right in front of my h’souse.)  The front door open, I heard foot steps going up the stairs.  About a minute later he walks into the living room and asks me if I can call the school and get his bus changed.  He had the look, the look every mother knows as “something is very wrong.”  I asked him what was wrong..he stares at me.  The tears started to stream down his face and I noticed he had changed his clothes.

He finally says the boy ( i forgot the name he said) every time I wear my shorts is calling me names.  At first, I was thinking seriously…in my own yard.  I proceed to ask him exactly what was said.  I normally don’t like when my boys use swear words, but finally after coaxing him he repeated what was said.  I was totally appalled that another school boy would call my son’s clothing as “ugly ass gay”.  I wanted to go right out there, just to let that young man know exactly what I thought about his name calling my son and his clothing. I waited a couple of minutes and went to check the laundry and I caught my son like peering out the curtains so no one could see him.  I asked him what was up and he said I am watching for the bus.  Now this is ridiculous.  I told him grab your book bag,let’s go.

We went outside towards the other students waiting for the bus.  He only came up close enough that he did not have to see the boy whom was making fun of him.  I walked up to my son and told him if anything else is said he needs to go right to the office.  Of course while I was out waiting with them…there was silence…no one was talking.

This whole incident just threw me into a flashback from high school.  Little to my fellow classmates know but I was bullied in high school.  I had just moved here from Washington State and did not have any friends.  So, I was a loner.  But there were a few girls whom would walk up to me and touch me on my stomach and rub me like you would a genie’s bottle.  I was embarrassed and ashamed that these girls would do something so hateful and mean. Those same feelings came rushing back.

Words still hurt no matter at what age.  I still consider this bullying and I will not tolerate anything like this.  No we can not afford the fancy, name brand clothes.  We do the best we can.  There are so many emotions running through my mind, I would like to put down but I am not going to stoop to that level.  I want to raise my child and bring his self-esteem up.  He does not need any more embarrassment.  I wish that other parents could really take a look at their children and see if how they are acting when they are not around is acceptable.


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