What a day …what a day……

This has been absolutely one crazy day for us here in the Morrison household.  The everyday drama life here you can’t find on any television show.  But I am not one to mix words.

I am a firm believer that family is family.  No matter what happens I will always be there for my family.  Whether its my sister, mother, brother or best friend.  I want this instilled into my children soul.  Today I got really upset.  To the point when I went to have lunch with one of my oldest, dearest, best friends I was sad.  I should have been happy, happy to see her and enjoy her company.  I had yelled at my sister, I let her have it.  I took all of my anger and frustration out on her.  I normally do not loose my cool like this.  I shake it off and keep going.  Well not today.

My best friend was able to cheer me up and we talked, talked and talked about each others goings on.  My daughter Sara and son Zachary joined us as well.  It was very quaint.  All good things have to end.  At least by know my anger and frustration were gone.  I think my venting to her did a lot of good for me.  Having our favorite lunch at Mi Tierra and just enjoying each others company.  I can’t wait for our next lunch date.

After returning home I received a call.  This phone call gave me a more clear picture of things that are going on.  I have a better understanding.  So much that I was able to call my sister and apologize for 1) being rude and  2) for yelling at her.  I know in my heart I did the right thing.  It was not her fault that I was so angry and should not have taken it out on her.

Zachary has written his apology letter for tomorrow at school.  The house work is almost finished and I am bushed.  Boy what a day it has been and these emotional outbursts are very tiring.   At least the family bonds are stronger.  11049489_10205535880709436_563749775669219974_n


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