Throwback Thursday….hhhmmmmmm…

I really enjoy throwback Thursday.  I can relive the most wonerful times we have had over all these years.  Especially of all the extended family …how young they were back then and compare to now with their own children. I have to laugh.  I thought it  would be nice share some of our most wonderful memories with you.

HPIM0457 One of our first fishing trips out on the pontoon boat.  Very peaceful and nice.

HPIM2960 We went to Nickelodeon hotel in 2006, dad and Chris got slimed.  We just loved it sooo much that 2 years later we went back with our good friends The Hammond’s.

picking cherries7We love picking cherries in New York while on vacation or even harvesting raspberries in our cousins backyard sara eating our rewards.

We don’t have alot of money but we do what affordable things we can and have made some awesome memories.  Just look around and I bet you can find something rather inexpensive to do and make the best memories.

campfire8     HPIM3428

Did I say how much I love the memories….


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