What a dilemma…..

Today is a typical day here except for trying to find a doctor for Jonathan.  Since he turned 18 his pediatrician will no longer see him.  (Even though he is still in school.)  The struggle to find a doctor that accepts his insurance, speaks English and can work with his special needs…..is starting to bring me down.

I’ve done everything from asking friends and acquaintances to using the provider look up listing. I am truly sadden that I can find a slew of pediatricians that take his insurance but no one for him now.  Seriously how can this be…we live in such a great nation that there are none locally?  I just want to scream…but that will have to wait until later.

I normally would go on and on and on about my topic but I am at a loss for words right now.  Well back to the grind of finding him a doctor.



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