One of those days….

Today has been one of those days that I am being tested.  Being tested more than usual.  I am trying my best to keep from losing my patience with my oldest son.  We have those days where every thing is good then “BAM” we hit a wall.  Some of the things he does just sends me screaming inside.

Since my laptop is working, I decided that we would move the house desktop upstairs into Jonathan’s room.  Christopher and Jonathan would share for doing school work or tutoring and such.  It’s not much but just enough for what they would be using it for.  As a positive reward, I told Jonathan that we would hook up a wi-fi modem so he can have internet in his room with the desktop.    Well about 15 minutes ago, he sends me a text message from his room he needs help installing windows on the computer.  ( I felt my heart sink.)   I responded as ” what computer?”   And he let me know it was the desktop…I felt my blood starting to boil.  I called him downstairs to find out what did he do.  The main computer was fully functional with windows 7 and also able to print from the wireless printer.  Well apparently he said he was cleaning the key board and mouse and he just got this message to reboot…yeah…Windows 7 is gone and so is everything else …..uuuggghhh    Here goes more money out the door at a time when we can not fix it.

The good news is I did not yell or scream at him.  The bad news is once the reality sets in that the computer is down he will be upset……so the task begins of finding out how much to get it fixed

The definition of normal is as follows:  the usual, average, or typical state or condition. Just when we get to where it feels like we are normal as can be…..”SMAAAAAAAACK”…we get a dose of reality….we are no where’s near normal.



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