Selective Service….

Friday in the mail came a letter addressed to Jonathan from the Selective Service.  He is so grown up to get his own mail.  But when he does not comprehend what it says he gives me those “I don’t understand” looks.  So the time has come for me to explain to him about this.  Now I really did not know my self except what I was told from someone else.  In the midst of explaining it I could see Jonathan becoming more and more uncomfortable and anxious.  So with him sitting right there next to me I called the phone number on this letter.  I had the gentleman who answered the phone go into great detail about the selective service.  Everything from when it was enacted, why, how it works and the benefits of having signed up.

I tell all of my children when there is something you don’t understand or know something is wrong; do something about it.  Call someone, look on the internet.  I want my children to be able to take care of themselves and not be used, abused or taken advantage of.  I have learned this myself from my husband.  Don’t back down or let anyone push you around.  I also am trying to make sure they have the proper attitude when addressing a situation and not over react to one.

Which is really hard when their genetics play a part in this.  They definitely have the Morrison traits in them.  They will be true survivors in the world.

After all this phone and such and it was fully explained to Jonathan he feels a lot better.  He still does not understand it but is going with it.  I told him if he has anymore questions we can always call the phone number again and address it with the person whom answers.

I am glad to see the turning in Jonathan’s life.  Where he is trying so hard to be a grown up but still wanting to be a child. Jonathan at one point, I would say age 12, told me and the specialist that he did not want to grow up.  But I see he is beginning to embrace the inevitable.picking cherries4


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