The past 2 days……

The past 2 days have been utterly crazy here.  I had to take Christopher to the doctor for a referral.  He has an ingrown toe nail..looking pretty nasty. Well that appointment went quite well.  About 30 minutes later as we were walking into our neighborhood grocery store. I happened to notice him walking kind of weird.  He was like hunched over and holding tightly onto his hand. Then I noticed the red liquid flowing down his hands.  I thought for sure he was going to pass out.  He told me that my suburban bit him.  LOL…only Christopher would make a crack like that at a time like that.  I told him to go immediately into the restroom, run it under cold water, get a wet paper towel wrapped on it and apply pressure.  I went straight to the first aid section of the store.

After all that action with Christopher, we get home and had a nice little lunch,.  About 3 o’clock, my cell phone rings …it’s Jonathan.  He was told to get off of the school bus and was left at school.  He wanted to meet me at the Dunkin Donuts.   I flipped out.  Just this past 2 months our school transportation has implemented any student riding a school bus has to either scan their special card or put in their birthday as they get on and get off the bus.  (Accountability reasons).  First off I told him he is not to walk anywhere and to go back to the office.  I wanted to get to the bottom of this.  Apparently according to Christopher that the bus has been overloaded and there were no room for some students to ride safely.  That students were being left behind.  That just made me more mad.  So as i called the school one of the administrators whom I talked to told me that it was a transportation issue and couldn’t do anything for me.  I was above, over and beyond the “P” word.

So when the bus did finally bring what students from this stop home, I approached and asked why my son was told to get off the bus.  The driver tried to tell me he just got off the bus…seriously…him and five other students just walked off the bus?  ( I don’t buy that.)


Today was a little better.  Christopher had his ingrown toenail removed.  But he’s still a little clumsy.  They told him to go home and keep his foot up so when the numbing medication wore off the throbbing would not be as bad.  Well between trips to the bathroom, walking into a door and nearly kicking his bandaged toe…he is doing better.  Jonathan made it to and from school with no problems.  In fact, I spoke to the person over the transportation at the school board.  They have decided they will not but this route on another bus because there in fact are too many students for it to be safe.  Other than having issues with healthcare deductibles and what not I say its been a crazy two days….


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