The real world…..

I love to share all the good times my family have and I want people to see the reality too.  We have drama like any other family…sometimes I feel like we are living in a soap opera.  So I wanted to share with you about our television watching habits in our home.

Watching our favorite fishing programs is all the reality television we need.    There is nothing like the struggle to land that unknown fish.  Your adrenaline pumping with every crank of the reel, no knowing what you are bringing to the surface. The triumph of landing that monster fish….even though it’s not that big..they put up the biggest fight.

Every Thursday evening at 5 p.m. we all are tuned into watching The Chevrolet Florida Insider Fishing Report.  They break down each region of our state and have local captains talk about what fish are biting, what baits they are using and the hot spots to go.

Each one of us have our own genre of movies we like to watch.  I like to watch “old school television shows” , my husband, Sara and Chris like to watch sci-fi and gory movies; Jonathan loves comedies and biography movies. Nick and Zachary have yet to get one type of movie or television programs.

We limit the time they watch the news.  There are so many bad things on it, that trying to explain everything would be too much for them.  Now we will watch the weather channel and the live broadcasts.  Letting them see actual things happening all over the country in real-time.

Actual real world, educational programs is what we need. Not this garbage that a lot of the television programs have become,too much violence, sex, bad language.  It’s like a race to see who can be the sleaziest to get the best ratings.  I remember when a certain broadcast company was “family oriented”  yeah that has gone out the window.  We find the best programming for our family not on local channels that is for sure.  I’m not trying to be a prude about this but with all harsh realities in our day and time now we need more family friendly, fun, educational programs.

It is totally up to each individual family to know what is right for their family and what works best. This is what is best for our family.


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