Needing ideas…..

Today I received a text message from a good friend.  Her daughter and Zachary go to the same school.  Apparently there was an award ceremony this morning.  Zachary received an award for having a picture published in a school book.  I was not aware of this award ceremony.  I feel like garbage because I was not there to see him be honored.  I am pleased as punch  he was honored just disappointed I was not there.

As a family, we have been on this journey of Autism for the last 14 years. We still have problems with trying to find different ways to show our boys we need to communicate.  Let us know when something is going on even if it does not seem like it matters.

Yes we do communicate with his teacher on a regular basis but it comes down to the little things.  Zachary really only keeps attention to anything that HE FEELS is important.  He knows that we ask about his homework but the little papers like school news letters he could care less about and they disappear out of his backpack before he comes back through the door.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 11140799_10205735304214899_2459313300546376536_o

We all know the kids are getting burned out with all the assessment tests they have been taking.  All of our boys are so ready for summer break, beach trips, sea world, aquatica and most important fishing until the sun sets.

Well I for one am anxious for him to walk through this door so I can see his picture in that book..  I am one proud momma for sure.


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