Always keep your promises……

I bought this sign at walmart.  I have it hung in my dining room.  Every night we always end up mentioning it in conversation    SAM_0431

We made plans to go fishing bright and early this morning and meeting up friends that are considered our family.  Well they had to cancel due to they had a previous engagement that had slipped their minds.  I told them we can make it another weekend.

So my loving husband has now changed his mind.  He wants to sleep late, sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner and a house cleaning party.  I have no problem with this as long as he keeps the promise to the kids for fishing.  And he has agreed to take them to the St. John’s River fishing instead of going to the intercoastal waterway.  These kids are getting so antsy and are ready for summer break.  So next weekend we are definitely going to Aquatica.  I can not wait to get my feet in the lazy river and just lounge around.

I love my family rules sign.  I believe in each and everyone of them listed and how my children will point one of them out at dinner time if someone is breaking one of them.

What sign would you have in your dining room?


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