No matter what age……

Yesterday I felt like the breaking point was near.   My daughter has been in need of a new cell phone.  The phone she has is 2 years old and really outdated.  So she has asked for an i-phone 4.  We don’t mind buying her a new phone.  So with money being tight we have been trying to find one at a decent price.

Back in October we responded to an ad for an iPhone for sale $30.  The gentleman assured us it worked it was just put in a drawer because he upgraded…shame on me I believed him…it was too good to be true.  My daughter was having issues getting it to do anything so we took it to a phone repair.   Two hours later we find out it has water damage.  We try to contact the seller and blocks us and is refusing to do anything. I must have had worn a big “sucker” sticker on my face.

Well my niece yesterday found an ad “$80 unlocked at&t iphone 4s”.  Being skeptic we made contact with the seller.  She agreed to let us try the phone in which it seemed to do when we finally met.  But when she factory reset the phone something happened and it was not unlocked.  So the seller gave us all her information and sent another request to unlock the said phone….well at 5 pm the email arrived “request denied obligation still not met”… ARE  YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME….it gets worse.  My daughter sent her a message about the email…she ignored the message and blocked my daughter.  This woman was so nice and sincere when we met and seemed to be upfront about it.  I felt like a real jackass…she works at a local grocery store who does not want any part of this…the police will not go with us due to it being a “civil matter”……I call BS…..that’s fraud..she knew and intentionally misled us.  I was and still am disgusted with the whole situation.

My point of this is one to vent and let it out but mostly to let you know if it seems too good to be true it probably is.  Believe me I have learned my lesson and will not happen again for sure.  No matter what age you can be taken as a fool.


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