A family divided…..

In late 2013 my niece was arrested and my sister (her mother) was given custody of the four children.  For months my niece had to live in the county where she was arrested and could not leave.  Part of the punishment was she could not be around her children unsupervised.  Which led to my niece being left out of family functions.  A family divided we had become…

family portrait

As you can tell we are a rather large group.    No more pool parties at Uncle Andy and Aunt Rachael’s; no more cousins spending the night at each others houses. No more Easter Egg hunts at Keeker’s house.  It has become very sad.

It has become a harsh reality in our family that you hear about from others going through similar situations.  The days of just getting together and having a cookout just for no reason at all are gone.

I feel like that we all as a family should be joined together to help make the relationships between my niece and her children as good as it can be with following all the “RULES OF THE COURT”.   Even if it is to just reach out and see how my niece’s day is going or say hello.  I am a firm believer in the good of all.  We all make mistakes, even some worse than others.  But alot of people who make their mistakes also pay for those mistakes.  We don’t know what led up to them making the mistake but we can be here to pick up the pieces of the broken homes.  We can all help each other out by just being family and helping each other out without any type of “restriction” or implied exceptions.

I read the following this morning and I firmly believe in it.  1013873_957403684286808_4612171699464031015_n

All we can do is to make the best of the situations until so there is no more missed occassions or times as a family.  We are one no matter what…now its just finding out how to mend us back to a whole family.


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