He made it through…..

Last night would be the very last time we would see Jonathan in his full JROTC uniform.  It was there awards ceremony.

Since the beginning of him being transferred into the class 2 months after everyone else started..it has been a constant struggle with him fully comprehending the uniform inspections.  We have seen a change in his attitude.  I admit he could have put forth a stronger effort but trying to get him to do something he lost interest in is an even bigger battle.  I would say he lost interest in JROTC almost immediately.  I blame this on the school and their failure to make his transition successful.  My son does not transition well, we have to take several steps in order to make it successful for him.  For example, letting him meet the Colonel and the Staff Sargeant would have been a good place to start.  Anytime he transitions out to a new class he needs to build a repore with staff.  Because of him stepping out of his comfort zone, he needs a place where he can go when he starts having a meltdown.

But I applaud my son for continuing on in the class with no problems within JROTC class except failing the uniform inspections over 85% of the time.  That I can say for sure with Jonathan is even though he did not like the class and does not want to return next year he did finish the class without hesitation or complaining.  CONGRATULATIONS JONATHAN!!! YOU ARE AWESOME,  GREAT JOB!!!!!!


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