Puberty or medicine……

Since 2013 we have had a behavioral therapist come into our home and also had gone to Zachary’s school.  Zachary’s behavior was like an airplane in a downward spiral.  At the beginning not only were they working with Zachary but with us as parents as well.  To make us successful in dealing with junk behavior and attitudes.

We put in place house rules, we attempted a responsiblity and rewards chart.  Yet on and off for two years nothing has stuck with Zachary.  Since the insurance will not pay for anymore therapist visits; the school has stepped in.  With Zachary’s last school suspension they have offered to bring in someone for him to talk to. About his wrong choices and his consequences.

Today I met with this counselor.  Zachary met her as well.  I was shocked to hear some of the things he was telling her.  Nothing more could put me into shock then for him to admit he has at one time considered hurting himself.  I was also pleasantly surprised when he was asked why he didn’t.  His response was “I thought about it” meaning he actually thought about the consequences.  He admitted to acting out on impulse or anger.  These are big steps for him.  So now I am thinking is it the medicines not jiving with him to cause these behaviors or is it puberty that is kicking in and he is growing up and possibly taking on responsiblities…..things that make you go HHHHMMMMMMMM……zack's box My baby Zachary at age 5 and his memory box from kindergarten.


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