Classic or Antique…….

Ok…who remembers the 80’s movie “Sixteen Candles”?  Remember Jake Ryan and his Porsche???  I just seen a Porsche today same color, same awesome condition and the license plate read “Antique”…..I was blown away…seriously antique???

But the more I think about it I guess….hard to believe its been 31 years ….where has the time flown?  I can remember being 13 and telling my Aunt I wondered what it was going to be over 30 years old.  I can remember being told not to worry about it that time will go by fast.  Oh boy were they right about that.

I tell my kids to just be a kid.  Enjoy their childhood and quit trying to grow up so darn fast.  They just look at me like I am crazy and then go on about their business.

So then I get to thinking….would I be considered a classic or an antique…hmmmmm..I have to laugh out loud at that one.  HPIM0232


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