Following through…..

One of the toughest parts of this journey through Autism has been punishment.  For those who have not had to deal with a child that has anytype of Autism, regular punishment does not work.  My examples of regualr punishment: time out, spanking, restriction, loss of privledges.  We have to come up with punishments that gets their attention so when we do punish the boys we have to put a lot of thought into it.

Six days ago our youngest son decided to go with his friend and trespass on a neighbors property and damage a speed bump.  So after a very long conversation between daddy and that neighbor, today is the day.  Both boys will be returning to o said neighbors property and will be repairing the damage they had done.   So we have now taken punishment to a new level.  Hopefully manual labor will be something that will tell them “hey maybe we should think the next time when we decide to ignore the no trespassing, private property signs”.

It has been a tough week with following through on the punishment he was given.  He is not allowed to go past the house next door or go pass 2 houses to the left and has to stay on our side of the street.  Last night our son came to us and asked if he could spend the night at his friends house.  Daddy and I discussed that letting him spend the night would be a reward when he has not completed the repairs yet, so he was told “NO”.  He started to cry and tried to get us to change our minds but when he realized it was not going to happen he stopped the tears.

So hopefully this whole bad choices and consequences start to get easier.  Starting Monday he begins behavior counseliing at school.



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