So we went to Aquatica this past Sunday.  As like with Sea World, we packed a lunch to eat in the truck.  We got there about 10:45 and the parking was crazy.  Good thing we paid for preferred parking..alot closer to the main entrance for only $5.  I am all about a good deal.

The park was starting to get very busy.  We made our way to the beach area to find some chairs. Unfortunately all the free umbrella areas were already taken.  But we found some seats.  We left our towels and out to explore.  The first stop was the lazy river. The water was not cold but just right. It was crazy all the inner tubes they have going around there and most were empty. Every turn I thought I was bumping into someone saying “sorry or excuse me” to find them empty…lol  talking to myself at the water park.  After the third trip around. time for the next ride.  Because of my weight I can only go on a very few.  So we all decided to do a family water ride.

We brought our daughters best friend ( might as well say our adopted daughter) with us.  Now I am the biggest coward there is when it comes to heights.  I feel that if the good Lord wanted me go that high up he would have given me wings with feathers to fly.  So we are off to Walhalla wave.  This is the description of the ride according to Aquatica:

“Walhalla Wave is a thrilling ride for the whole family, zooming you through a 6-story maze of twists, turns, and tunnels before you surge back out into daylight. ”

I attempted several times to back out but daddy was not having it…then about 3-story up Nickolas started to panic.  He wanted down, did not want to go and was freaking out.  We persuaded him to.  He would be riding with both me and daddy.  So we get up there and the view looking out was crazy… can see the Manta Ride from Sea World and Kraaken too.  Its our turn.  We get seated and as we are about to begin our 30 second journey to the bottom I politely asked the person pushing us out “please do not spin us too fast” and at the next second we were off.

We begin going into a turn and the inner tube starts going from one side to the other. I would say we are about 12 seconds in as we are going side to side we enter the tunnel…I being a chicken and a girl begin screaming like Harry Potter riding Buckbeak in the Prisoner Azcaban.  Just about that time the tube literally goes almost all the way over. I feel Daddy going up and almost on top of me and Nick, I hear Nickolas screaming  and just about that time “wooooosh” we are ending our ride in a 2 ft deep pool.  I am still screaming with excitement and Nickolas is crying his heart out.  I don’t know if it was the ride or me screaming that scared him more.  Awaiting for us at the bottom was the rest of t the kids.  They are all laughing.  Christopher said my face was priceless…he said they could hear me screaming all the way.  The way Christopher described my face coming out of the tunnel and the screaming reminds me of “Roger Rabbit” when the evil Judge was meeting his doom with the dip.

We had a great trip down that ride.  I would go again…and that takes alot for me to say that. I am the biggest coward there is.  After that ride we went out and ate lunch.  By then Nickolas had calmed down.  After eating at the picnic area, we returned back inside.  This time, while the older kids went back to ride  Walhalla Wave, Daddy, myself, Nick and Jonathan went to the “not so lazy river”  that was really fun but the waterfalls were ice freaking cold.  I am so proud of Jonathan.  He went all by himself down the “dolphin plunge”.  Here is the description of dolphin plunge as by Aquatica :

“Two side-by-side enclosed tube slides send you racing through an underwater world that is home to a playful pod of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s Dolphins.

Known for their playful nature and electrifying speed, you may well see them racing right alongside you as you zoom by.”

commerson's dolphin  They are awesome to see them swim in person and to find out why they are mostly swimming upside down.

I can not wait for us to go again another day.


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