The time has come…..

As I am getting ready to attend the annual I.E.P. meeting, trying to get my thoughts in order and what I would like to discuss with the team.  Zachary brought home forms yesterday that his teacher has nominated him to attend CSI Summer other words summer school.

I have had this going through my mind.  Zachary is getting really burned out on school work.  The pro’s :  it helps him with his reading and comprehension, he will be provided with breakfast and lunch.He would hands on science experiments.   The con’s :  it’s school he’s ready for a break, our family vacation is scheduled right in the middle of the time for this.  They would give him a month off from school before it began and would run the entire month of July. He would be leaving the house at 7 a.m. and not home until after 3 p.m.

Decisions, decisions, decisions……I have to make this based on what I know how Zachary will act out if something goes wrong.

I think we will pass on summer school this year but I will make sure he has plenty of reading.zack's box  11140799_10205735304214899_2459313300546376536_o


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