I don’t mind a little bump every once in a while……

Well since out trip to Aquatica things around here have been kinda crazy.  Monday daddy had to go have a test done for his stomach.  Tuesday Christopher made a follow up visit to the podiatrist for his ingrown toe nail removal.  Wednesday was Zachary’s IEP meeting.  Today was Sara’s job interview at wally world and a visit to my mother-in-law.  Tomorrow we have to get our shopping done because Saturday is Pauliney’s birthday party and Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Daddy did not like the taste of the medicine they gave him at the laboratory.  He said it was disgusting and the taste followed him the rest of the day.  Hopefully we will know more on Monday when he has his follow up with his gastroenterologist.

Christopher did really well on his follow up but looks like the other corner of the same toe is beginning to follow in suit.  The dr said to wait one month to see if it can out grow the skin unless it gets more painful and infected.

Zachary’s IEP meeting went really well.  He will get the same services next year and his favorite Ms. Dillegard will be back too.  And we decided instead of him going to the summer camp for reading, he will be journaling all of his summer.  At least 2-3 sentences a day on what he has done.  Between the family reunion in New York and a weeks visit to Kentucky he will have plenty of science (fishing), plenty of history ( the visitng of archeological dig in Kentucky, visiting Fort Boonesborough) and writing practice.  Then when he returns to school in the fall to share his experiences.

Today is a turning point for Sara.  She received a call for an interview at Wal-mart photo lab for this morning at 10 a.m.  She got the job.  She has had her drug test and now is just waiting for the call back with the start date.  Now on to the getting of the drivers license.

Zachary on the other hand…..has been suspended from school for tomorrow.  For putting his hands on another student.  I do not know the full story yet but I will as soon as he walks through the door.  So no outside play today or tomorrow with lots of house chores for him to do…..ugh….. Did I mention he brought home an “A” in reading.   I am soooo freaking ecstatic…and proud of him.  He has worked really hard for this grade.

Can you say “is it summer break yet?”    puppy


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