19 years…..

Let’s see what has changed since 1996…….

Our family went from thisjimmy and christy wedding 007 to  this  100_1172112_0189

Dear Daddy,

We all have families now.  These are the grandbabies and daughter-in-laws  that you never got to meet.  They have only heard stories of you and about you.  We all now live between Kentucky, Florida and New York.  Our lives have become quite busy and carrying each one of us in our own path.  But there’s not one day ever that you are not in our thoughts, hearts or minds.  Your grandson Jonathan is a spitting image of you at the age of 18dad 013 11081290_10205799544140857_8098036578475573360_n  Your grandson Christopher would keep a smile on your face for sure.  Nickolas and Zachary have the passion you had for fishing and they would rather be doing that than anything else.  Every chance they get they have their dad take them fishing.  Sara is starting her first real world job and is soon to get her driver’s license.  I can’t believe she is almost 21…..boy time has flown by.   I am a stay at home mom now since momma had stage 2 breast cancer. Momma has had to move twice since you left us.   She had a mastectomy of her left breast and has. had a knee replacement too.  She is coping every day without you here.  Theresa is living with Robert at his house in Deltona and is taking care of Marcy’s 4 babies and Serenity.  Michael still lives with momma and has 2 children now, Tommy and Emily.  Billy has 2 little girls, Kaylee and Evelyn.He lives with Josie and the girls near momma.  They are so cute and have their momma’s attitude.   Andy is married to Rachael and live in Longwood and have a son Cyrus and daughter Pauliney.  They both are in karate.  Ashley is married to Chon and they bought their first house in Deltona.  They have 2 daughters, Cassandra and Eva and a son AJ.  Marcy is living in Deltona with her husband Pepe.  Jimmy and Christy are living in Kentucky.  Kenny is graduating high school and will be going to Moorehead University in the fall.  Christy is not ready for the empty nest syndrome…good thing he can drive home on the weekends if he wants to.

This mother’s day according to momma is just another day, I know she says this because she is sad that you had to leave us without saying “good-bye” or “I love you”.  I am going to try to make her smile again because without her or you none of us children would be here.  Please give her a sign you are watching over her and that you are here still.






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