Back to the grind……

Well after a very long weekend for us…its back to the grind today.

We started our Friday off with Zachary serving his one day school suspension. Everyday Zachary has to be reminded about keeping our hands to ourselves and being nice when playing.  He has days where it is harder than others to follow the rules.  For example he wants to play around like the older kids just kidding but it only takes the littlest thing and it gets blown out of hand and he is fighting or getting too carried away.  He and his buddy in class got into a pushing match, just goofing around and it got carried away, they both received a one day suspension.

Saturday we went to a cousins birthday party in Longwood.  The kids finally got to go swimming in a pool for the first time this year.  They had a great time.  Jonathan did not go..he was worried about getting home in time for “The Spongebob 400” Nascar race.

Mother’s day we spent a little time with my mother-in-law.  She has only 4 days of radiation left…wooohooo!!  It’s been a long road for her and this battle.  Then we came home to spend time with my mother, my brother and his girlfriend.  We smoked a beef brisket and grilled cheddar brats with peppers and onions.  We had a great day!

Now today we are hoping Sara gets the call her drug test is back and give her a start date.  And just a little bit of shopping I need to get done…busy busy busy today.1016218_10200909080402320_1621270278_n


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