What a sad way to start the week……

This was supppose to be the beginning of a wonderful week.  The weather is hot….I’m talking today it was 92 out by noon.  I received a phone call from my hubby.  One of the ladies he has lunch with and regularly works with had been killed the night before Mother’s Day.

It hit him like a ton of bricks.  They had just spoken friday before the end of the work day.  This set the tone for the rest of his work day.  He had a doctor’s appointment.  We have to pay the first $1000 insurance deductible.  Well right now, we are appealing the insurance decision not to accept a bill.  They say we did not have a referral, when in fact we had a paper referral in our hand.  Well the doctors office is demanding payment.  We have a letter from the insurance company stating they have received our appeal and  are currently reviewing it.  So its hard to make payment on something not settled yet.  Then to top it off when he had his upper GI and colonoscopy done they did not use an anesthesist  on our providers list.  So now they are wanting us to pay an additional $2500 ….ugh…seriously…..they should know when they scheduled the procedure with our insurance, whom could and could not be used…..so the doctors office would not see him and after sitting there 45 minutes he was not happy.

It has been really long day….I hope it goes better tomorrow.

On the plus side Zachary brought his progress report home and it has no D’s or F’s only  A’s B’s and C’s…whoooohooo  way to go my son!!! We are so very proud of you keep up the good work.Chrysanthemum


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