May 14, 2015

So this week started off with my husband finding out a close co-worker passed away a few hours before mother’s day.  That was not the way to start of this week.  Trying to get closure for my husband is at a snails pace.  Tuesday they had a lunch in at work in Raynaven’s honor.  Of course no one told my husband or his crew, so they had already ate their lunch before they were invited to the lunch in.  The only thing we have found out is that she passed away from a car accident and that the foundation she started for battered and abused women will continue with her mother and close friend taking it over.

Then yesterday morning my hubby’s truck would not start.  So he took my truck to work.  Thank goodness it was a good day for all the boys at school.  Come to find out the fuel pump has gone out.  So I called the local auto zone.  Explained to the employee what I have and what is needed…oh it’s lifetime warranty $50.93..please put a hold on it will be there shortly to get it.   We drive all the way there, tell the employee we have a hold on a fuel pump…gave my name…yeah….the first employee that took the information put a water pump on hold.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Then find out the fuel  pump i need is a complete kit ..just can’t buy the pump itself…yeah….instead of $50 now we are talking over $226.  I am beyond livid at this point.  Then finding out they don’t have one in stock…….

Well I decided to look online…oh yeah!  Thank goodness I do know a little about the internet.  I found a high performance lifetime warranty one for $60.   SSWEEET!!!!  The plus in this, they offer priority mail delivery within 2-3 days.  So this morning was a  little hectic.  Had to take hubby to work so I could take Chris to podiatrist.  He had to have ano ther ingrown toe nail cut out.  This one was bigger than the first one.  So he is now resting comfortably.

A few good things this week:

Zachary brought is progress report home with 3 A’s, B’s and C’s no D’s or F’s.  Nickolas’ progress report only 1 F and only 1 D the rest B’s and C’s.  Very proud of both boys to bring up their grades.

My mother-in-law has her last radiation treatment today…wooohooo!  Then another pet scan and find out where we go from there.  Praying to God that this will be it.


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