Really close to home…….

My hubby called me this morning to give me the grim news.  He found out what happened to his co-worker that passed away.  I am in shock and disbelief.  She committed suicide.  The day before Mother’s day.  I guess it is true that you never know what anyone is actually going through or thinking.

She must have been that depressed that she felt it was her only option.  My hubby said they were just joking around Friday at work.  You would have thought someone would have seen a sign.  Some little inkling that she was very sad, lonely, depressed and desperate.

As my hubby gave me the details of the events in that day I am in tears. I am sad for her family, her dog.  My heart breaks knowing that it could have been one of my children .  I am praying that my children will open up to me, their father, a close friend if that need to talk.

I want all of my family to know that I am here no matter what has happened, or where I am , no matter what time 24/7/365.  Call me…let’s talk…..let someone help.  You don’t have to carry this burden all by yourself.  There are people that can help. You matter.  Your life matters!   I always tell my kids and my friends….”COMMUNICATION” can work wonders.   If you see someone or know of someone who is struggling.  Reach out to them.

1 (800) 273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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