Let the weekend begin.  From me forgetting to wake Nick up to go with us this morning to the truck still being broke down.  I am so ready for a relaxing evening.

This morning we got up early enough to go get parts for the lawn mower and buy my coupon inserts.  We had a quaint, fast breakfast at BK.  Decided to go pick Nick up to finish grocery shopping with me.

Zachary finally got to serve his punishment out.  The neighbor whose speed bump he tore up, he was finally able to go repair what they destroyed.

We received the new fuel pump in, got it installed and still is not running right.  Now we have to have an auto electrician come out and tells us what is wrong….another $60 out of pocket….

Nickolas is struggling to figure out how to solve the rubiks cube.  I told him I can only help so much then have to put it down.  I know he wants to solve it so bad he is crying when he gets so close then it falls through.

Well now its time to make dinner….7 days and my sister-in-law  and nephew will be here for 24 hours.


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