Punishment served……

About 3 weeks ago Zachary got in trouble.  He ignored the “NO TRESPASSING” AND “PRIVATE PROPERTY” signs.  He and a fellow neighbor decided they wanted to go see the cows.  Well they traveled down the dirt road, passed 6 of those signs.  Along they way the neighbor had an above ground speed bump.  Zach and his buddy decided they wanted to remove the speed bump.  This speed bump cost is around $3500 new.  Now I must give Zach credit that when they were confronted he stuck around and faced the music while his little buddy hauled butt and left him to face the music alone.

Well little did they know our neighbor has security cameras. He had them on video…no regard for this man’s property or their own safety either.  Because also on the video showed them either throwing something at his animals as if taunting the oxen.  Well the neighbor decided as their punishment would get the replacement parts and have the boys provide the manual labor to fix what they destroyed.

As Zach’s parents we felt that was the appropriate punishment.  Maybe if he actually did manual labor he would figure it out, that destroying someone’s property was not worth it.  Well the first week past and we did not hear from the neighbor as to when he would want the boys to come serve their sentence.  Then Friday at Career Day for Zach at his school…guess who was there….yup…our neighbor. He let Zach know that he received the parts and was ready for them to come Saturday.

Zach got up Saturday and fixed him a bag of gatorade and water to take.  About 1 pm they finally got to serve their punishment.  It took them about an hour and a half to fix what they tore up.   the neighbor offered them a popsicle and asked them if they were going to do anything like this again…Zach replied “no sir”.   Let’s hope this was a lesson well learned.


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