Early vacation……

I got the strangest called from Zachary’s school.  Zachary has a mentor that comes and sees him once a week.  They have created a great bond.  To which I credit the mentor with Zachary’s behavior better at school.  He has not had one problem since the pushing match and they both were suspended.  But anyways,  they were calling to find out when Zachary’s last day of school was so the mentor could prepare.

I told him the last day of school.  Well apparently my Zachary had told his mentor that this Friday would be his last day at school and he was going to New York.  Ummmm….NOOOO.  Yes we are going to New York on vacation in July but not now.  He has to finish out the school year.

I guess this is his way of saying “i am done with school and am going on vacation early”….lol

Well now I get to be the one to break the news that he will start summer vacation the same time as everyone else at his school ….lol   I guess this means time to plan a trip to either sea world or aquatica again.


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