Our boy is growing up…..

When we first started on this autism journey I would always question whether or not Jonathan would grow up.  Whether or not he would “get” what we have tried so many times to tell him.

We have always told him that he needs to keep going for his dream.  Not to give up and keep pushing along.  No matter how many times he has had to take algebra 1 and the end of course exam.  (He’s been in this one portion of the class 4 times now)

When he began 6th grade we had severe issues with him fighting and not getting along well with others in regular transitioning classes.  It was so bad at least once a week there would be a phone call about fighting and in school or something happened on the bus.  He would average at least 3 days a month of some type of suspension, whether it was in or out of school or off the bus.

Finally I believe he is growing up.  Here is a link to an article he wrote and his teacher whom owns the website posted:


He now wants to be an athlete volunteer with Special Olympics instead of just an athlete.  We are so proud of him.


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