Normal or not……

I try to keep things on a real perspective with my blog.  This is a normal everyday life for me and my family.  I don’t want to sugarcoat anything or give false appearances.   A family with more than one special needs child you have to keep it real.

Well let’s see what has happened since the last posting….ummm our daughter started her job at wally world.  We are so happy and proud that she was finally able to find a job willing to give her a chance to prove herself.  After almost a year since her first job no one really wanted to give her that chance.  I will now be showing her how to coupon with the best of them so she can support herself on her income.  I am sooo excited to be able to teach her.

Nickolas and I had breakfast at Bob Evan’s today.  Since he received 2 referrals he could not go on the school field trip to Sea World.  So I let him stay home.  In which he went with me to get my haircut and grocery shop.

Christopher had a panic attack at school this morning.  So I picked him up as well.  I know how panic attacks are and I can’t imagine having one at school especially around friends.

And then there is hubby….he proceeds to walk in yesterday.  Puts his lunch box away, walks over and places a full sheet of paper on my lap face down.  He reaches over and turns on my light behind the recliner.  i look at him and ask him “What”.  I flip it over to read “Florida Uniform  Traffic Citation” and my immediate thought is what the hell happened…who did you run into.  I then glance over to read  $281.00 fine….i look down to read  speeding  doing 93 in a 65…..I about flipped out of my chair.   I looked at him dumbfounded and said “ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS”!!

Ugh….yeah so we are ready for a good weekend.  On a good note my sister-in-law is in town for the weekend with my graduating nephew.  They will be spending some time with us here…woooohooo!!!!  Can you say happy!!!!


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