Almost here….

Summer break is almost here.   Today is field day at Zachary’s school  They say for him to bring a water bottle, a change of clothes and a extra pair of shoes.  No bathing suits but swim shorts are allowed.  I am praying today goes well for him. him.

Today Nickolas gets a 2nd chance to show he is growing up.  This past school year, I had Nickolas get himself off to school.  I left the house about 7:30 for a doctor’s appointment for one of his brothers.  All he had to do was stand outside our house, which is where the bus stop is, and physically get his body on the bus.  I am already on the interstate when I get a phone call from a phone number I don’t recognize and its a neighbor.  Nickolas stopped them and asked to use their phone because he missed his bus.  Thank goodness his cousin was able to come pick him up and take him to school.  Got my fingers crossed he will do great.

Christopher has a follow-up doctor appointment for his toe.  Within the last 6 weeks, he has had 2 ingrown toenails removed from the same big toe.  So this is just to make sure everything is healing well.

Jonathan is helping with the high school football team again.  He is working with the equipment and sometimes is the water boy.  He really likes this.  He is always cheering for his team to win and takes pride in the DHS football team.

Sara started working in the actual photo lab yesterday.  She seems to be enjoying her work.

Hubby and I are still looking for the part for our truck so we may get it fixed.


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