Let the real learning begin…..


In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  I had to leave work to take care of my children.  I worked at my job over 11 years.  I would always worry about how we were going to be able to survive paycheck to paycheck and still provide the essentials our children needed.  We had to improvise to compensate for the loss of income and the loss of family vacations and extras when we could afford it.

So about 3 years ago I began couponing.  In the past I  would use coupons here and there, now I don’t buy unless I have a coupon or at a stock up price.  In the state of Florida the stores do not double or triple coupons like you see on that couponing show.  So I have to watch all the sales carefully, read up on the latest blogging sites that break down the sales for me ( saves me a lot of research time).  I know when the preiew of the next weeks sale ad is up and available to look at and then I start making my lists.

Because of this now the last 3 years I have been able to take my family on vacation.  I have a chance to get gas cards with these grocery sales.  I save them up and use them to drive on our vacations, whether its to Richmond,Kentucky or Gasport, NY to see family.  We buy groceries there and cook on a camp stove.

Well I took my son on his first couponing journey yesterday.  The above picture is all the items he bought.  This next picture is the receipt to prove how much he paid and what was saved.


He loved it so much that he has asked me if I have another coupon binder he could have to start his couponing.  His next shopping trip will be to get 8 packs of bic flex razors for men for .99 each.

He is actually showing to me and my husband he wants to learn and is actually paying attention.  Another step in the right direction. #teamjonathan  #teencouponerintraining


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