Summer’s here!!!!

Sorry about the brief break.  This pink eye has had me down and out from using any electronics.  Since that has passed and now on to bigger and better things.

We were given great news.  For the first time in 4 years Jonathan does not have to take summer school.  Because he brought his algebra grade up to a “B” and his geometry grade up to a “B”.  Awesome Job Son!  We are very proud of you!  Your hard work has paid off.

Nickolas will be joining the jazz band and concert band next school year.

We have to wait for report cards due to the fact the state testing screwed up and has delayed the report cards for grades 6-12.

Zachary had a wonderful last three days of school.  His mentor brought him a large monster truck, monster truck t-shirts, a monster truck hat, and notebook.  He has been doing nothing but making mud runs in our back yard to play with it on.

Christopher is preparing to head to Kentucky for a month.  He will be visiting EKU and getting more information on their marketing programs and such.  We will join him in July when we head to our family reunion on vacation.  WOOOHOOO!

Vacation time can not come soon enough.  beautiful


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